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To register online or check if a person is already registered, click Registration on the navigation bar above and select Register Online from the submenu.

Questions? Call the FCSR toll-free at (866) 422-6872.

FCSR - BSEES Announcements
11/29/2021: To enhance security in the Background Screening Employment and Eligibility System (BSEES), we will be implementing new CAPTCHA systems on pages that require entry of a Social Security Number. When entering an online registration or a Good Cause Waiver (GCW) application status request, you will be required to check a box confirming you are not a robot, and may be required to follow up with an image selection test. If you enter more than one online registration, for example, after confirming you are not a robot, you may expect to have to select all images containing a certain criteria before you can proceed. Please note approved users can avoid the CAPTCHA on a GCW application status request when logged in.

07/02/2021: Please be patient with possible delays in communication with the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR). Since the Department of Social Services dissolved their Background Screening Investigation Unit responsible for checks of the Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry, we have been handling additional calls and emails from organizations about receiving child abuse and neglect information through an FCSR screening. As a reminder, the FCSR conducts screenings for the purpose of employing caregivers in child care, long term care, mental health care, or personal care settings. Learn more about the FCSR and the databases checked during an FCSR screening from our webpage at

07/27/2016: Do you need to check if someone has already registered with the FCSR? Click Registration on the navigation bar above and select Register Online from the submenu. Enter the Social Security number on the Is A Person Registered tab to find if the number was found or was not found in our system. To avoid duplicate registrations, a Social Security number will be found even if the registration is pending or incomplete.
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Welcome to the Family Care Safety Registry Background Screening and Employment Eligibility System.

Individuals may use this system to register with the Family Care Safety Registry, or to check whether or not a person is registered.   Eligible employers may use this system via secure user accounts to request background screenings on current or potential employees.

You are about to gain access to a Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services application.   By proceeding, you are agreeing to keep confidential all information made available to you through this application.   Any unauthorized access, use and/or disclosure of information may result in loss of access privileges, an action for civil damages, and/or an action for criminal charges.