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Show Me Long Term Care in Missouri

Level of Licensure

Assisted Living Facility** (ALF)

Facility provides 24-hour care, services and protective oversight to residents who are provided with shelter and board, and who may need assistance with activities of daily living which include eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, transferring and walking. This level of care also provides oversight for storage, distribution, or administration of medications; and health care supervision under the direction of a licensed physician, and consistent with a social model of care. A social model of care includes long-term care services based on the abilities, desires, and functional needs of individuals delivered in a setting that is more home-like than institutional and which promotes the dignity, privacy, independence, and autonomy of the individual. A licensed Nursing Home Administrator is required. This type of facility may accept or retain residents with an impairment that prevents their safe evacuation with minimal assistance only if the facility meets certain staffing requirements to assist in evacuations and must include an individualized evacuation plan in the resident's service plan.

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