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To register using the Internet, you will be charged a nonrefundable $15.00 registration fee and an additional $0.55 processing fee. If you do not wish to pay the additional processing fee, you may submit your registration by mail, using the form found at: Registration Forms.

You will need the following to enter your registration:

  • Your Social Security Number.
  • Your current name and any prior names, including your birth name and any nicknames or married names.
  • Your (the registrant's) email address.
  • A valid credit card.
The individual being registered is responsible for completing the registration information. If information is entered by the employer, it is important that the employer ask the employee/potential employee to complete and sign a paper Worker Registration Form, to ensure that the individual understands they are being registered with the Family Care Safety Registry and has consented to background screening, and to ensure that the employer has the most accurate registration information available. The employer should keep the signed Worker Registration Form on file.


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